CRTFD at ComplexCon

CRTFD at ComplexCon

At this year's ComplexCon, CRTFD unveiled an exclusive release of jackets, tees and bottoms as well as a groundbreaking collaboration with Dominic Ciambrone, famously known as The Surgeon. This partnership is not just a fusion of fashion and sustainability but a bold statement in the natural evolution of streetwear.

ComplexCon: A Meeting Place for Cultural Innovation

ComplexCon, an avant-garde festival of style, art, and design, served as the perfect backdrop for this collaboration. It is a gathering that explores the future of cultural expression, bringing together influential brands and artists in an immersive celebration of creativity.

Visual Reprogramming at ComplexCon

Our installation at ComplexCon was a sensory experience, designed to captivate and inspire. Vintage televisions, stacked in a mesmerizing array, displayed enchanting visuals that transported attendees into a world where the past and future converge – a space where CRTFD's vision comes to life.

Artistry and Environmental Consciousness

An exquisitely reimagined Air Jordan 1 High, marks a pinnacle in eco-luxury. Crafted with a diverse range of plant-based leathers – from the robust fibers of hemp to the delicate textures of Muskin mushroom – these sneakers embody our mission of fostering sustainable innovation. This partnership was born from a conversation about Earth Day. Dominic (The Surgeon) - “It’s always fun working closely with loved ones to create something with a meaningful purpose and message behind it.” Seti, the founder and creative brain behind CRTFD, states “The objective is always to go outside your comfort zone and disrupt the standard when creating art. Using an iconic sneaker as our canvas made the most sense to talk to the culture. The Shoe Surgeon was the perfect collaborator for that mission. The concept was an upcycled plant material sneaker to challenge how and why we do things as creators.” 

The CRTFD Philosophy: Authenticity and Nature in Harmony

At CRTFD, we are more than a brand; our ethos is to create conversations around environmental consciousness and its roots in street culture. Our collaboration with The Surgeon is a testament to this ethos. It reflects our deep-rooted belief in the power of nature and our commitment to integrating it into the urban landscape. The sneaker, encased in a specially designed travel bag complemented by wellness tinctures, is not just a product but a symbol of our journey towards ecological balance.

Gratitude and Anticipation

As we close this chapter at ComplexCon, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who joined us. Your presence and energy have been the driving force behind our continuous innovation and dedication to our craft.

CRTFD remains committed to challenging norms and embracing growth. We invite you to journey with us as we explore new horizons in sustainable fashion and beyond.

Better products for a better future. Stay CRTFD.