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Trash Island

Trash Island

In the last 10 years we have made more plastic than the prior 100 years, every single piece of plastic is still on the Earth in some form. The Great Pacific garbage patch nicknamed ‘trash island’ is not exactly an island more like plastic smog, starting at the surface and raining down to great depths below.

The garbage patch is a gyre, a spiraling vortex driven by winds and currents, that collects waste flowing from our rivers and coastlines. Over time the sun's ultraviolet light, ocean wave action and salt break up larger pieces of plastic into smaller pieces called micro plastics. Birds and fish and other marine life consume these and cannot survive. #2 plastic is the most common plastic in consumer use. The density of PET is higher than ocean water, meaning most of the time only the bottle caps are found because the bottles have sunk. Sadly over 70% of all ocean plastic sinks.

Our SS21 collection takes ocean-bound bottles and repurposes them into clothing. One small step in a different direction. Learn and live purposely.

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