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The Durability of Balance:

The Durability of Balance:

This season we found inspiration in the durability of workwear and its place throughout history. Emulating heritage workwear roots with our own distinctive methods and materials. 

Why do we love it?

It’s the aesthetic of  hard work, mastery, and versatility. These garments are built with a purpose and an aptitude for life.  


Many heritage workwear companies started as suppliers to blue collar laborers- supplying to miners, lumberjacks, mechanics, and of course, the military.  From the color palettes to the materials choice, we found the resonance to be deep and full - rich with purpose. The capability of creating pieces like this comes from skilled craftsmen passing down techniques, and material knowledge around a particular piece and its functionality, embodying ingenuity in a compelling way.  


When we look at building a life of purpose and mastery, like they did prior to creating these heritage workwear pieces, what is considered? If you're the architect of your life and well being - what do you take into account for the quality and longevity of life?

We believe that your vision can change your reality. This collection explores both the Light, and the Dark to find balance.  Consciousness and aptitude can release emotional burdens and inner conflicts through your willingness to design your own reality.
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